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Get Started – Start Your Website and Blog

Hello guys, If you are new on the internet and want to grow & get your business online? , known about how to get business online? how to create a website and blog? then you are in the right place. There are I explain four steps for getting business online and start your blog.

This process is very easy to follow and understand. However, if you need help! our experts are available. For your help: Clink here to get support.

What things you need to start a WordPress website and blog.

Here you need 3 things to start and creating a Website and Blog.
  1. A Domain Name (This is a Web address and URL for your website and blog.)
  2. A Web Hosting Server (This is an online host server for store your website data.)
  3. Last and Important: Your creativity, undivided attention for 1 hour, and some knowledge of web development or computer language. like: HTML and CSS etc.

Finally, Now you are ready, to start your website and blog from scratch in less than 1 hour. And we will walk you through the whole process, step by step.

Step: 1 Setup & Hosting

The biggest mistake make beginners when building a website regarding choosing the wrong platform. Thankfully you are here, so you won’t be making that mistake.

95% of users and also us, use, it’s also known as self-hosted WordPress. Why? because it is free to use, you can install and create your own theme, plugins and customize your website and blog. In self-hosted WordPress, you are able to make your own and custom functionality and designing and most importantly make money from your site & blog, without any restrictions.

See difference between and

Now you need to set up and host it your self. In other words, you need a domain name and web hosting.

Domain Name:

A domain name is your web URL. In other words “What people type and follow to get your website and blog.” A domain is your website address on the internet. Like: and

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is an online hosting server there we store our website data. With the help of a web server, we make the website live on the internet, and every website needs web hosting. There are many companies on are provides web hosting. 

Known More about Hosting Servers and Best Hosting Provides

Hare I’m using Hostgator of the demonstrations, and also Hostgator is the best hosting provider company. (We Get Both Domain and Hosting from Hostgator.) Click Here for Visit Hostgator

Go to and create a new account on (Use the right information for creating an account.) After successful account creation, select a plane with the time duration that is fully comfortable with your business website and blog. I am select the HATCHLING Plan, you select accord to your comfort. If you now started, then select the STARTER Plan.

Visit and select a plan

In the popup enter the domain name, that you want for your website, and click continue.

Enter the domain name that you want.

Now Here, you are able to see and calculate your final payable amount, you make a final check and click Continue.

Make a final check and click cuntinue

Now select your payment method and click Pay Now, and complete your payment process. Ones your payment has been done. You receive a confirmation email and payment receipt.

Now go to your admin dashboard and click on the ‘Manage Web Hosting’.

Go to admin area and click on the manage web hosting.

After clicking manage web hosting, In a new popup, your cPanel is open. In the cPanel search box search, ‘SOFTACULOUS APPS’ nowhere WordPress is showing up. 

Select WordPress and Install in your cPanel

Now, Click on the WordPress and Install WordPress in your cPanel, here fill your website and blog details.

Hare is showing wordpress information, to install wordpress click on Install Now

Now your Website is live and it’s visible for the public. Currently your website in the default theme, design, and functionality. 

Show your creativity:-

Now You can show your creativity. For building your website design, theme and custom functionality. In WordPress, thousands of themes for design and plugins for functionality, are available in the market. You can use those are themes & plugins.

If you need help! our experts are available. For your help: Clink here to get support. And if you don’t able to make your custom theme design and functions. Then don’t worry, our experts are available to work for you. We provide Web Development & Designing, Hosting Management, Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Marketing), and Web Security services.

We have many plans, globally. According to your Business and Startup, website or blog. Select a plan with you comfortable and make your order. We make ready your website within a week.

Note:-If our plan is not comfortable for your business & startup. And you need custom requirements accordingly to your business, then you must need to contact us. We make a new plan for you and your business with your custom requirements.

Happy to help,

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